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We welcome and support a diverse student body. We want you to think big about your future, and the Office of 残疾的资源 is here to help.

残疾的资源 student


我们努力为所有学生创造一个公平、无障碍的学习环境 学习、工作和成长.  If an aspect of the physical, academic or electric design impacts 学生的能力要充分利用教育环境,我们才会 work to either change the design or create an appropriate accommodation. 一个合格的 学生可以参加德尔塔的设置,有或没有住宿.


《云顶集团》将残疾人定义为 是否有身体或精神上的缺陷,严重限制了一个或多个主要的生活 活动.

 Possible disabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
  • Specific Learning Disability in math and/or reading
  • 精神残疾
  • 流动障碍
  • 视力损害
  • 听力障碍
  • 自闭症谱系障碍
  • 创伤性脑损伤
  • 慢性病
  • 临时状况,包括怀孕或脑震荡相关的并发症

What is a reasonable accommodation?

如果与残疾有关的症状在学习环境中造成障碍, 合理的住宿可以提供充分的云顶集团教育项目 和服务. 根据2008年的《云顶集团手机版》,这是一个合理的调整 对环境的调整是否能使残疾学生成为合格的学生 to equitably participate in the academic environment.

合理的住宿保障了残疾学生享有的权利 privileges equal to a student without a disability. A reasonable accommodation will 不妥协课程的任何基本元素,削弱学术标准 or create a likely safety hazard.

一个合理的适应既不是专门的教育,也不是修改 课程.


We realize each student's experience is individual to them. 如果你有文件证明 严重限制你完全进入达美航空环境的能力, you are invited to meet with the Director of 残疾的资源. 机密 会议将确定您记录的残疾如何/是否会造成功能限制 in the 云顶集团地区的大学 environment. Determination is based on a combination of your 状况,经验,当前或预期的障碍,教育历史,过去 accommodations and documentation.

Suggested documentation to bring to the meeting:

此外,残疾和学术障碍之间必须有联系, environmental or electronic environment. If a connection cannot be made, we may ask 为进一步的文档.

角色 & 责任

We want your interaction with us to go smoothly. Here's what you can expect from us, 以及我们需要你的东西.


Here's what you can expect from 云顶集团地区的大学 instructors.

  • Program and course design is accessible to all students.
  • 残疾资源办公室(ODR)的声明包含在课程大纲中.
  • Honor accommodations released by the ODR.
  • Provide an accessible academic, physical and electronic learning environment.
  • Essential course components for accommodations are determined.
  • Will work with ODR regarding accommodation, implementation or consultation.
Office of 残疾的资源


  • 为学生们在学习、环境、 electronic barriers as a result of a registered disability.
  • Protect the confidentiality of the student and their documentation.
  • 为解决与残疾有关的问题提供信息,并向校园和社区资源求助 问题.

的se are your 责任.

  • 想要为残疾人提供便利的学生有责任去帮助他们 out to the Office of 残疾的资源 (ODR). In college, the student leads the 收取住宿为残疾,而不是高中 the responsibility is on the institution.
  • Provide medical and/or psychological documentation to the ODR.
  • 在ODR注册后,学生有责任与教师交流 关于住宿. As the relationship between student and faculty is a professional 第一,在办公时间或通过电子邮件联系老师是有好处的 ask if there are any questions about your accommodations. 你不必透露 your disability to anyone outside of the Office of 残疾的资源.
  • 无论是否使用住宿,你都有责任掌握课程 结果和目标. No modifications are made, as that would change the integrity 课程的. Reduced course work is an example of a modification. 

工具 & 服务

残疾人资源办公室支持正在进行的无障碍教育的发展 学习型社区,通过教育规划、服务、 可供校园社区所有成员使用的资源和设施. 探索 the resources available to you.


We work to provide students with equitable access to all classes and programs. We 是否能够使用辅助技术来支持输入、表达和保留 of curriculum across the College. A few examples are as follows:


一个强大的基于pc的程序,可以转换教科书、文章和其他文档 into formats that can be displayed on the screen and read to the user. 一个建在 词典,辞典,拼写检查和发音功能也包括在内. Kurzweil recognizes several major languages.


一种基于windows的语音识别软件程序,允许用户说他们的 内容和命令. During a short training session in the ODR, students can “train” 学习龙学生的语音、口音、发音、词汇等语音 模式. 的 more a student uses the software, the more Dragon recognizes that user’s 单词. 学生可以使用龙参加论文考试,撰写和形成论文和控制 many Windows-based applications through the use of Dragon.


ZoomText是一款可以将屏幕上的文字放大16倍的软件. It is useful for students writing papers or reading online articles. 它也有局限性 语音功能.

辅助技术可以在残疾资源办公室或“小 Lab”, room A119 in the Teaching Learning Center. In addition, ODR staff can assist 你可以通过在PC上下载技术介绍和免费技术 或移动设备.

Transitioning from high school

Have questions about the law as you transition to college? 你可能会在外部找到这些 有用的工具.


云顶官网app下载为退伍军人学生提供学术支持服务 to students with qualifying 条件s.

服务 offered by 残疾的资源

Included, but not limited to:

  • 考试住宿
    Extended test times and reduced distraction testing environment.
  • 另类媒体
    Various formats for textbook and print enlargement. Includes electronic textbook that can be listened to and/or read.
  • 辅助技术
  • 笔记的帮助
    使用Live Scribe智能笔制作“铅笔”讲座,录音教室 lectures, personal designated notetaker.
  • Assistance for the Deaf or hard of hearing
    手语翻译,转录,字幕和音频支持PowerPoint presentation, use of personal FM system.
  • 宣传
    与退伍军人一对一互动无障碍专家(有执照的社会工作者) to discuss accommodations, resolve classroom 问题, etc.

退伍军人无障碍服务的资格取决于学生的资格 条件. 资格条件 include, but are not limited to:

  • PTSD and associated symptoms
  • 注意力缺陷多动症
  • 耳鸣
  • 聋哑人
  • Concentration/ Processing disorder
  • 抑郁症
  • 双相抑郁
  • 创伤性脑损伤 (TBI)
  • Physical Injuries/Restrictions

与退伍军人可访问性专家合作,和/或利用支持 这是你的权利,不会影响或影响退伍军人管理局的伤残等级或福利. 所有信息都是机密的,没有您的书面表达,将不会被分享 同意.


学生退伍军人被邀请联系退伍军人无障碍专家,梅丽莎 华莱士,LLMSW在或 学生s can also stop by the 学生中心资深 or the Office of 残疾的资源 (D102) to start a conversation.

我们认识到,残疾是我们这个丰富多样的社会不可或缺的一个方面 we take pride in the development of an accessible campus. As our campus expands physically and academically, access needs change and develop. We encourage students, faculty 工作人员与我们合作在课程或校园障碍,可能会防止 an equitable 云顶集团地区的大学 for all community members.

作为一个有残疾的人,如果你经历了任何你认为的治疗 discriminatory, you may contact 云顶集团地区的大学’s 股本 Officer by phone at 或电邮至 的 Complaint/Grievance Procedure for discriminatory concerns can be found within our 股票网站.