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双录取 & 早期大学计划

准备好前进了? 太棒了. 

When you take dual enrollment classes you get college credits while you're in high 学校. 你不会错的! 

  • You'll have a feel for how college works, what's expected and how to navigate 的 process before you're a college freshmen.
  • 达美航空的学分很容易转换. We've intentionally set it up that way so you get 最辛苦的工作. 
  • 省下一大笔钱! Your high 学校 often pays for your classes. 有时甚至 还有书籍和费用. 



Follow 的se steps to begin taking classes at 云顶集团地区的大学.

Step #1:  Discuss dual enrollment with your 学校

All 学生 should meet with 的ir high 学校 counselor (or designated staff) to 讨论双入学机会.


Create Your 招生 Account/Complete an Application. 所有新的双招生学生 will need to create an account and complete a δ admissions application.

When creating your account be sure to do 的 following:

  • Use a personal 电子邮件 address where you will have future access.
  • 选择正确的学生类型:
    • Select “I will be attending 云顶集团地区的大学 while still in High School.  (双录取/中间 大学)”



Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll receive an 电子邮件 from accounts@δ.edu asking you to activate your 云顶集团地区的大学 account. 

You will use your account to access your δ 电子邮件, register for classes, view your financial information, view your grades, and much more. 让我们开始! 


δ requires 学生 to meet placement levels for most courses.  大多数双录取 学生 take Accuplacer for course placement:


The ACCUPLACER assessment identifies current skill levels in Math, Reading and 写作.


If you have SAT (PSAT scores do not qualify) scores you may not need to take Accuplacer.  SAT test scores 应该提交给招生 Office (if taken within 的 past three years and meet 的 minimum scores of a 480证据阅读 & 写作(EBRW)和数学500)

  • 请求通过 大学委员会 -达美航空的SAT学校代码:1816或
  • 电子邮件 admissions@δ.edu.
  • If your SAT scores are listed on your high 学校 transcript you do not need to resend.

Some courses have prerequisites that may require your high 学校 transcripts in order to determine eligibility to take 的 class.  如有必要,提供高中成绩单 应该提交给招生.  以下列其中一种方式提交:

Step #5:  Tuition Authorization Form (双录取 Approval)

完成 双录取 Approval and Tuition Authorization (PDF).  This form must be signed by you, your parent/guardian and your designated high 学校官员.  


Academic advising is available (not required though highly recommended) to dual enrolled 学生.  Our academic advisors can help put you on 的 right path!

  • Contact 的 Advising office at or by 电子邮件 at advising@δ.edu to schedule an appointment with your Student Success Advisor.

Once you know what classes you want to take it is time to register. 去 www.δ.edu/学生, select 的 tools drop down in 的 top right corner, and select Student Self-Service.

  • 登录前,请下载我们的 一步一步注册指南 一路帮助你.
  • If you are having trouble registering please contact 的 双录取 Center at .
  • All books and supplies are available to purchase or rent through 的 云顶官网app下载书店.
    • The bookstore is located in N015 on main campus.
    • 书大约可以买到 三个星期 在本学期开始之前.
  • 经常检查你的德尔塔电子邮件帐户!
  • 下载云顶集团地区的大学 App.  去 的 App Store or Google Play and 搜索 云顶集团地区的大学
  • 报名参加 紧急短信通知
  • Learn more about our online learning environment by watching our 在线学习视频

In many cases your high 学校 will make full payment for you to take classes.  If 的 amount your 学校 pays does not cover 的 full cost you will need to pay 的 差额按付款期限计算. 


Self-pay dual enrolled 学生 must pay tuition and fees by 的 payment due date 或者在课程注册的时候.

δ 付款方式:

  • Pay online through your Student Self-Service
  • 通过电话联系收银办公室


  • 这是买一送一的交易. Dual enrollment classes can count toward high 学校 graduation 和学分. 
  • Dual enrollment gives you a feel for what college instructors expect and how college 和高中不一样吗. When you get to college, you’ll have a heads up and 准备好迎接即将到来的一切. 
  • Dual enrollment classes are usually paid for by your high 学校. 你会有 potential to finish college early and pay less overall. 
  • You can take classes that aren’t available at your high 学校. 
  • College courses broaden your horizon, challenge you and help you dream big. 


  • 登记 ——打开现在!
  • 首次付款到期日 ——2021年12月14日
  • 类开始 ——2022年1月8日
  • 学生们在院子里用笔记本电脑

    We know you are busy and have certain classes that you need. 云顶集团提供灵活的 course options, including online, blended, day, afternoon and evening classes. We also have satellite campuses in Bay City, Midland and Saginaw. 提前计划 our class 搜索 so you can get 的 classes you need, when you need 的m. 


SUCCESS TIP:  Be choosy about what classes you take

If you aren't sure where you're going to go to college when you graduate, take generic-type college classes in high 学校 so your credits will transfer. 你的高中辅导员 的 学术顾问 达美航空的员工会提供帮助! 

900+ high 学校 学生 were dual enrolled last year.

900+ high 学校 学生 were dual enrolled last year. 


Dual enrollment classes are usually paid for by your high 学校.

 95% of δ grads said 的y were happy with how 的ir credits transferred.

“我所有的学分都转了. I’ll be considered a sophomore my first year. 现在我 上大学没那么大压力. 我知道我在做什么."

Eriana Dekalita-Mull