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度 & 证书

的y say you can't be all things to all people. 我们不相信. 我们有一个 education path to help everyone get to where they want to go. 在达美航空,你有选择. No matter what path you choose, or if you need help finding it, we've got you covered.



We want to make sure you have options that help you take the next step in achieving 你的目标. That includes the type of degree or certificate you can earn by taking 类在这里. 我们提供各种各样的选择. 有一个肯定是合适的.  

Occupational degrees and certificates

δ offers certificate and degree programs in some of the most in-demand career 被设计为 to prepare you for immediate employment.


An 美术副学士 provides the opportunity to study the fundamentals of art and to begin honing your skills as an artist. This option also assists with the seamless transfer to four-year colleges and universities to obtain Bachelor of 艺术s or Bachelor of Fine 艺术s degrees in art, art history or design. 


的 应用科学副学士 degree is awarded upon successful completion of programs that prepare you for a career in human services, public safety or communications.  


的 应用科学副学士 degree is awarded upon successful completion of programs that prepare you for a career in health, business or technology. 


的 通识学副学士 Degree is designed for those interested in obtaining a degree that can be customized based on varying areas of interest.


的 Associate in Business Administration Degree offers a strong foundation in areas of business studies, such as accounting and management.


In a dual degree program, you’ll study two academic fields at once and receive two separate degrees (one per discipline). Many of these programs combine general management 通过职业规划.


的 完成证书 is used for short-term programs covering a specific 集 of skills that is intended for entry-level employment or to acquire a basic skill 集. 的 完成证书 can be credit or noncredit, but is limited to a 不超过6学分.


A 成绩证书 is awarded for programs that normally take one year or less to complete and range from six to twenty-three credit hours. 主要用于 prepare for entry-level occupations, the certificate also may be used to prepare for 高级证书或学位.


An 高级证书 is for those pursuing advanced study in an occupational area. Some advanced certificates prepare you for industry certification exams. 先进的 证书 are 24 credits or more and, in some cases, may be used as the base of 一个大专文凭.   


If you're planning to transfer, an associate's degree can serve as the first two years 学士学位的. Many degrees also transfer to a specialized bachelor's degree, 比如护理和焊接. 


副学士学位 is designed for those planning to transfer to a university to earn a bachelor's degree 或更高版本. In general, the components of the degree meet requirements for majors in 文科. One of the great features of the program is that it offers flexibility and customization 在选课.


理学副学士 is designed for those planning to transfer to a university to earn a bachelor's, 或更高,学位. In general, the components of the degree meet requirements for majors with more stringent mathematics and science requirements. 


密歇根州的转让协议 is the result of all the registrars at all the 密歇根 community colleges and public universities working together to facilitate the transfer of general education requirements 从一个机构到另一个机构. In general, the agreement meets one year of general education requirements for a bachelor's degree, while offering flexibility and customization 在选课.


δ's 文章关联证书 are intended for those pursuing advanced study or formal certification in an occupational area. 的se programs are six or more credit hours in length and require 一个大专文凭 or equivalent industry experience 申请加入这个项目.

Not sure which option is right for you?

的re’s no single, right way to attend δ – it’s all about what fits you. δ College advisors are here to help you plan your education, so that you’ll have a successful 转换到职业.

δ has 142 certificate and degree programs.

的 密歇根州的转让协议 (MTA) facilitates the transfer of general education requirements from one institution to 另一个.


Half of δ students go on to pursue their bachelor's.


See an academic advisor early and often. And, especially, if you intend to change the number of credits you're taking, your program or your transfer destination.


"δ is a great place to begin your educational journey. 你是否愿意 it slow and go part time or go all year round, δ offers so many different programs 和类. It is really flexible and you can really bend it to fit whatever you are doing in your life at the time."

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