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你的激情. Tons of amazing programs to match. Whether you choose a career or transfer path, you'll find exceptional professors, hands-on learning and people that care – really care – about your success.

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    At Delta, you get small classes, professors who see your potential and resources to 帮助你成功. Delta professors are here to teach. And, they're really good at it.

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    Learn with the latest technology

    We have the best technology out there – like a $20 million health wing renovation 和2美元.3 million in new skilled trades equipment to make sure you know the latest 技术.

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    Options, options and more options

    Delta offers you a huge variety of learning options. You can take classes online, at Main Campus or at one of our centers in Bay City, Midland or Saginaw. 类是 offered days, evenings and weekends.

    And, within the courses there are options like sustainability, honors or learning communities – two or more classes combined. There's something for everyone!

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机会 & 资源

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    Go ahead, think big.

    The specially-designed courses emphasize creative and critical thinking, providing a unique learning experience. You have more exploration of the subject area with increased faculty and 学生 interaction. Make the most of your Delta experience. 加入荣誉!

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Simply put, learn by doing.
Take what you've learned in the classroom and use it in the real world. 志愿者 在社区. Learn in another county. 成为一个实习生. At Delta, there are so many ways to get involved.

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可持续性 in the Classroom

云顶集团地区的大学 cares about the environment.
Before it was called sustainability we practiced conservation. Today, you'll find initiatives covering the spectrum of Delta's sustainability work, which spans education, operations and community engagement. We are committed to preparing our graduates to make a difference in the way we live and work.

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Pick your passion, plot your path.
We assist you in achieving academic and personal success through informed decision-making. This is the place to go when you have questions about scheduling classes, picking a major, transferring to another college or just making sure you are on the right track.

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    We're here to help.

    At the Teaching Learning Center, located in the 图书馆, we offer tutoring on a wide variety of subjects, and help with developing study and learning skills. 大多数辅导 is on a walk-in basis but we do have some online tutoring options.

    Best of all, it's free for currently enrolled Delta 学生s. Just another way we demonstrate our commitment to helping 学生s succeed.

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    Not sure what you want to be? 
    我们可以帮助 with that, too.

    Want to know what are some of the best paying jobs in our region? 需要另一套 of eyes of your résumé? 我们可以帮助. And, we can help whether or not you're a Delta 学生. We're a free service available to 学生s, graduates and the community.

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    It's more than a library. 更.

    It's no wonder you find so many 学生s here. We’re in the business of giving 学生s the tools they need to succeed. By working with faculty and staying current, the library is your resource center while at Delta.

    In the library, you’ll find...

    • 文章 & 数据库
    • 电子书
    • Government documents
    • Interlibrary loans
    • 参考指南


写作 Consultation 服务
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    Let them see you at your very best.

    Need help developing a good 'hook' for your essay's introductory paragraph? 希望有人 to proofread your report? Unsure if you've constructed your bibliography page correctly? 我们可以帮助. The 文书中心 is your free go-to resource for writing, reading and information technology help for classroom projects.